"If they'd thought that way at Chessington, it'd still be a zoo and not a World of Adventure"

Springing out of the Edinburgh 2002 show of the same name, the Museum of Everything takes Radio 4 (and recently BBC7) listeners through the doors of a spacially impossible museum that contains, you guessed it, everything.

In effect what it contains are sketches written and performed by myself, Danny Robins and Marcus Brigstocke (ably supported by Lucy Montgomery). The first series was nominated for a Sony Award. We didn't win, but the beef at the ceremony was excellent.

Three series of museum-based humour covered obsessive collectors, bored re-enactors, magazine part work ring binders, Dune collectables, Bristolian tour guides, unlicenced taxidermists, jousting, film critics, bitchy shrunken heads, murderous park keepers, dinosaurs, fudge in the shape of Jane Austen, perverted colonels, live bird-of-prey demonstrations, Merlin, Tom Waits, velvet rope, Tony Robinson and the whole of time itself. Among other things.

The Museum reopens sometimes on Radio 4 Extra and Series 1 is available to buy.