What's on Satan's Kindle?

Paperback Hell was a series of literary spoofs written by myself and Danny Robins and starring Rebecca Front, Mel Hudson, Alex Lowe and Micheal Fenton-Stevens. It was produced by Lucy Armitage.

Series One covered chick-lit (Shopping For Mr Wrong), lad-lit (Disco Shoes), depressing Irish childhoods (Paddy Murphy's Ghost) and Longitude (Ensign Mandaley's Hat).

Series Two laid into Zadie Smith (Black Teeth Lane), Patricia Cornwell (The Body Bag), Tony Hawks (Travelodge Travelogue), self-help TV tie-ins (How Not To Live), historical adventure (Thrust's Eagle) and gangster autobiographies (Stop The Dodgems, I Wanna Be Sick).

Series Three picked fights with medieval detectives (A Posset Full Of Death), romantic novelists (The Tu'penny Ha'penny Heiress), journalists autobiographies (Deadline:News), Dan Brown (The De Niro Code), Michael Moore (You Suck Bush) and erotica (Forbidden Fire).

Despite Paperback Hell books are still being published every day. Repeats can be found on Radio 4 Extra.