Well, seeing as you're already online...

My blog - a very occasional dumping ground for thoughts and pictures. 

BBC Writersroom blogs - some thoughts on writing sketches for Radio7's Newsjack.

Mongrels - the online home of the BBC 3 multi-species puppet sitcom

Lab Rats - the online home of the daft scientist-based BBC2 sitcom

Hollyoaks - the C4 Chester-based soap, in which I play lawyer Jim McGinn

Independent Talent - my writing agent 

Debi Allen Associates  - my acting agents

Radio 4  - the pictures are better on radio, apparently

Radio 4 Extra  - home of quality repeats (and from 2009 Newsjack)

The British Comedy Guide - hosts for the As It Occurs To Me podcast

It's Alright For Some  - promoters of Live Ghost Hunt and Sins of the Grandfathers in Edinburgh.

We Are History on Youtube - no DVD, but you can see all 12 episodes that someone has brilliantly uploaded. Thank you, mystery benefactor.

Wikipedia - articles on Mongrels, The Museum of Everything, Lab Rats, AIOTM, We Are History and me.

BBC Writersroom - currently has downloadable copies of our scripts for two episodes of Paperback Hell as well as the first episodes of Young Dracula and Rudy's Rare Records.

Here are the websites of some very funny people:

Marcus Brigstocke - online home of comedian, actor, eco-warrior and singing King Arthur. Also home to the We Are History DVD petition.

Danny Robins - comedian, documentarian and the pretty one from Robins & Tetsell.

Miles Jupp - mild-mannered stand-up, actor and Newsjack frontman

1000 Tiny Things I Hate - writer Jon Brown is an easily angered and very funny man.

Richard Herring
- all you ever needed to know about both halves of comedian Herring.

Pozzitive - David Tyler and Geoff Posner have made a lot of great shows and now they have a great website.

Emma Kennedy  - blogs, photos, a guestbook: all crafted by the hands of the Planet Mirth star

Andrew Collins - full-scale alter-ego of AIOTM regular Tiny Andrew Collings

Chris Addison - friend, employer, beanpole.

Simon Blackwell
- The Thick of It writer and holder of the Nicest Man in Showbiz title

Too Much Culture - the amusing ramblings of Newsjack alum Tom Neenan

Will Smith  - writer, stand-up and toff. Not the Fresh Prince

Roger Drew  - Will's writing partner and inveterate doodler

Danny Wallace - I've been mistaken for Danny twice. Both times the other person was very disappointed when they realised their mistake.

Chris Neill  - comedian, blogger, Just A Minuter

Carrie Quinlan - stand-up, actor and News Quiz guest

Gareth Gwynn - comedian, writer, Welshman.

Ben Ward - prolific writer/comedian and fellow Brusher

Basil Brush  - pun-heavy foxy puppet legend