David Oxley BA (Hons) sorts the History Men from the History Boys.

We Are History ran for two series on BBC 2 in the closing years of the last century. Created by Danny Robins and myself and starring Marcus Brigstocke as David Oxley, the poor man's Simon Schama. Every episode involved David and his researchers roping some members of the public into re-enacting a significant moment of history.

Series One dealt with Boudicca (riding round Asda in a shopping trolley chariot) in Invasion!, disturbed a proper archaeological dig in King Arthur: Myth or Legend?, went to Ikea to buy a Viking longboat in Our Friends In The Norse, used an am dram society to rewrite Shakespeare's Richard III in Hunchback!, put Sir Francis Drake in a school swimming pool in Armada! and recreated the upheaval of the English Civil War in a hairdressers in Oliver's Army.

In Series Two we lived as Ancient Britons in Any Old Iron Age, refought the Battle of Hastings as an exchange trip gone wrong in Conquered!, looked for The Real Robin Hood in a car park, proved that The Great Fire of London was started by Charles II in a Greggs bakers in Fire!, followed in the footsteps of Bonnie Prince Charlie dressed as Tootsie in Too Scot To Handle and made a call centre sing an authentic Victorian folk song in The Industrial Revolution - Factory or Friction?